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Tips To Help You Choose a Roadside Assistance Plan

Have you gotten your car a roadside assistance plan yet? Winter is knoking on the door, and according to the media relations manager of AAA Northeast, Robert Sinclair, Jr., this is when concerns of battery discharge, deflated tires and locking of keys inside cars are about four times greater than usual.

Roadside assistance plans are all unique, and so you’ll need to investigate which will be most suitable for you. Here are some tips to help.

You may already be covered

New or registered used cars may come along with a plan lasting as long as the warranty, which is usually a minimum of 36,000 miles or three years for new cars. Purchased warranty extensions may also come with coverage. Additionally, be sure to check the fine print of the agreements for your credit card. Some cards come with roadside assistance coverage.

Finding a plan

Many websites have comparisons of different plans. Look out for the following:

  • For two cars or more, it’s advisable to choose a full-service plan.
  • For more than one driver, an auto-dealer plan covering your family is best.
  • For a new car, it’s fine to use the manufacturer-provided coverage as long as you’ve made certain of the limitations.
  • For frequent and long-distance drivers, plans with substantial towing benefits are in order.
  • Read the fine print to know the conditions covered by the plan.


Prices differ, ranging from $40-60 for the opening year to premium plans with added benefits costing hundreds per year. Credit card companies charge for their roadside assistance services peruse with no initial charge.


Usually, the number of roadside assistance calls a plan allows is restricted to about four or five annually. Outside that, you pay extra for the service, be it fuel delivery, towing, or extraction from snow.


There’s normally a toll-free number to call. Some services also offer an app you can use to request assistance, which will use your device GPS to relate your location. Some cars also come equipped with a device you can use to call for assistance.

More than one car

Automaker-provided plans cover only that particular car, but there are other plans you can get to cover all your cars, including rentals and official cars. Do confirm from the platform first.


Most plans cover you anywhere within the US and Canada. Check if the provider offers compensation for the times you get stuck in a place not covered by the service.

Towing distance

Confirm if you can only get your car towed to the closest repair service or whether you may use a farther one. You may get anything from three to a hundred miles.


Normally, there’s a pro-rated refund, with the deduction of services already rendered. A cancellation charge may also apply.


Ensure that you investigate the provider thoroughly before you pick a plan. Search the plan on the web with the words “reviews” or “complaints” added to your search. Previous users’ complaints will give you valuable insight as to what you need in a plan. Common complaints include delayed service, no-shows, or car damage during towing.

Special deals

Plans normally offer some special discounts which can help you cut down costs. Do look out for them.

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