How To Stay Away From Road Rage & Live A Safe And Happy Life

Statistics have shown that in North America, approximately half of the drivers on the road will experience some form of road rage. This includes people who will unexpectedly lose their tempers, allowing their emotions to get out of control and those that will be victims of someone else’s anger. Our roads have become so overcrowded that it’s no wonder anyone can keep their sanity! So, during negative times, how do we deal with road rage when it pops its ugly head up?

Dealing With Road Rage:

Studies have shown that the majority of people who have become angry while on the road never expected the situation would escalate out of control. Over 85% believed they would have seen it coming and bitten their tongues before losing their tempers.

As the recipient of road rage, you might truly believe you did nothing wrong but then get swept up in the moment when someone else unloads on you. It’s only common sense that taking the high road is the better alternative by placing your ego on the back burner. If you are confronted by someone who is well out of control and is displaying signs of violence, you should get out of the situation as quickly as possible in order to protect yourself from possible physical harm.

It’s really easy to become embroiled in a confrontation when someone, who is out of control, starts insulting you or even takes a swipe at you. Unfortunately, when you push back you are putting yourself in harm’s way when stepping back from the situation is a much smarter choice. Too many people have ended up in ER or even worse, the morgue because they let their tempers take control. On the other hand, if you are the party that struck out at someone else, you could end up in a court of law and spend time in jail.

How To Steer Clear Of Angry Or Violent Drivers:

People who are dealing with something that just happened in their lives are not thinking rationally and are easily stirred to anger. They start taking their situation out on everyone else that is within arm’s reach. Road rage does not consist of 2 people that know each other, you have no idea how they will react. You don’t know if this person has just become unhinged or are always prone to anger so don’t put yourself in a bad situation.

Whether someone cuts you off or blows their horn at you, be the bigger person and apologize even if you are in the right. Maybe they blew their horn because they didn’t feel you were driving fast enough for them. So what! Simply signal “I’m sorry” or let them cut in front of you. The idea is to cool down the situation and continue on your way. Avoid eye contact and never take it personally, because quite frankly it’s not.

If a driver continues to harass you, drive to the nearest police station or look for a police car in the vicinity. Head to an area that is traversed by a lot of people in order to get others to help you out, should this person continue to come after you. Let’s face it, everyone has a cell phone so someone could call the police when this person continues to pursue you. If possible, get their license plate and report them as soon as you can.

How To Avoid Becoming Angry Yourself:

Avoid situations that could easily set you off. If you are heading to an appointment, give yourself enough time to get there. Don’t blame someone else for causing you to be late, you didn’t give yourself adequate time. Listen to your radio and keep a positive attitude when driving alone. Do Not Drink And Drive! Drivers that have been drinking have a tendency to become angry very easily and it’s against the law to drink and drive! There are many scenarios that can reduce rational behavior so know what your limits are and take steps to make sure you don’t fall into a fit of anger.

Stay away from the notion that you (and you alone) can change someone else’s bad behavior. Understand, if some guy cuts you off and almost drives you off the road, you don’t know this person nor how they will react if you push back. Maybe they just lost their job or their wife wants a divorce! It really doesn’t matter, what matters is keeping yourself safe and living to see another day. Road rage is never worth the price tag when your family and friends expect you to return home and you don’t.

In A Nutshell:

We all have to face the fact there are many dangerous people out there and are willing and able to harm others. You can’t change what’s going on in their lives, all you can do is make sure you don’t become a part of their messed up situation. When you get tempted to “fling the bird” or shout some derogatory comment, think about your newly adopted puppy who wants you to come home!

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