Warning Triangle Device Placement – When And Where?

Having the right knowledge of what to do

You might be a safe driver and a good operator of well-maintained equipment, but at some point in your career, having accidents or breakdowns are inevitable. You can minimize losses when you know what to do when these unexpected situations occur.

Warning Devices

According to section 393.95 of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs), your commercial motor vehicle should have at least:

  • Six flares that have the capability to burn for 30 minutes
  • Three bidirectional emergency reflective triangles,
  • Three liquid burning flares with enough fuel to burn for 60 minutes continuously

You are prohibited from having flame-producing devices on these vehicles:

  • Any vehicle containing Division 1.1, 1.2 or 1.3 (explosives) hazardous materials,
  • Any cargo tank motor vehicle that is being used to transport Division 2.1 (flammable gas) or Class 3 (flammable liquid) hazardous materials whether loaded or empty, or
  • Any commercial motor that uses compressed gas its motor fuel.

When a breakdown or accident occurs, you should:

  • Stop and ensure the area is secure.
  • Turn on the four-way flashers of your vehicle.
  • As per regulations requirement within ten minutes of stopping, set out your warning devices.
  • If there is a breakdown, call your company and tell them what happened in clear details.

In the event of an accident

  • Call the law enforcement.
  • Check for injuries.
  • Call your company.
  • Document the accident.

Warning Device placement

  • As we mentioned earlier, if your vehicle stops on the shoulder of the highway, you must activate the four-way flashers of your vehicle within ten minutes and set out warning devices at once.
  • Remember to hold the devices in front of you to increase your visibility to traffic. Also, you should put on a high visibility vest if you can and be alert for other drivers who may not see you on the road.

Depending on where the vehicle stops, the placement of the device varies.

On a two-lane road:

  • Place the first device on the traffic side of the vehicle 10 feet (about 4 paces) from the front or rear, depending on the direction of traffic,
  • Place the second device 100 feet (about 40 paces) behind the vehicle, and
  • Place the third device 100 feet (40 paces) ahead of the vehicle on the lane the vehicle stopped.

One-way or divided highway

  • Place the devices 10, 100 and 200 feet from the rear of the vehicle and toward the approaching traffic
  • Within 500 feet of a hill, curve or obstruction:
  • Place a device 100 to 500 feet from the vehicle in the direction of the obstruction.
  • Place the other two according to the rules for two-lane or divided highways.

You need to have an accident report kit

You should have an accident report kit in addition to having the required warning devices. This makes it easy for you to locate all the items in one place in case of an accident.

The accident report kit should include:

  • A written report form to make documentation easy,
  • A high-visibility vest,
  • A diagram template to allow for a simple drawing of the accident scene,
  • Pens and pencils,
  • Witness card, and
  • A camera.

How To Find A Free Car Lockout Service

locked keys in car
locked keys in car

People and specifically drivers are imperfect and ordinarily, a second of wrong judgment can happen to everybody. Displacing your keys inside your car or trunk is one of those cases which may get pretty bothersome and even risky especially if you are traveling away from your hometown . In case you’ve mistakenly sized yourself out of your car, it is quite important to understand what the next step.

If you can afford several minutes reading this page, you will immediately learn all you should know about car lock-cracking services, how to eliminate the displeasure running into such an occurrence, likewise, what you can do in the future to eliminate the unfortunate of displacing your keys inside your car. It will definitely come handy and can proffer as a manual through the steps you should take to unlock your car in the most convenient and cost effective way.

How to Unlock an auto Yourself

If you’ve accidentally sized yourself out of your car and you don’t have time to wait for a lock-smith or the cost of employing a lock-smith seems to be too pricey, it is in fact possible to unlock your car by yourself. Although cars come in distinct years and models with distinct designs of lock and key system, you can in reality get inside your vehicle within less then 5 minutes utilizing some household components as a coat hanger or a long shoelace. You can find many how to YouTube videos to unlock a car yourself.

Check eligibility for a Free lock-out Service

Some of the modern vehicles come with specific warranty coverage. So prior to searching for car lock out services, it is important to first understand what type of coverage you already have utilizing one or more of the following four approaches:

  1. Vehicle Dealer: Ration some type of road-side help. You can check with your dealership to make sure if they ration lock-out service in your area.
  2. credit cards

    Credit Company: Several credit-card companies like American Express, Master Card and Visa have road-side assistance in their package. This might involve some deductible charges and might have finite usage.

  3. Several cell phone carriers: Cell phone network service providers like AT&T, Sprint  and Verizon have roadside help in their packages. If your cell-phone is subjected to the plan, it can be employed to obtain a lock-out services once a year.
  4. Extended warranty: Exceedingly all new vehicles organize some type of road-side help services. So, always check if you have road-side help coverage on your vehicle, especially if you purchase an extended warranty.

Seek a a highly qualified car lockout service provider

There are a whole lot of emergency lock-smith and car key replacement companies out there maintaining 24 hour service for car owners. A lock-smith establishment knows the exact emotional grievance people typically cope with when they sized themselves out of their cars. Henceforth, they lines 24hrs services to help drivers with emergency occurrence. All you have to do is to call the main office, and one of their emergency lock-out staff will come to your place within 25-30 minutes comprehensively supplied with most advance lock cracking and key cutting equipment.

The 5 crucial Things to check when seeking road side help

  1. Check the response time. The response time should not be more than twenty five minutes.
  2. Check for range of services (for example key replacement and lock rekey).
  3. Check for years of experience and level of expertise of the employees.
  4. Use licensed lock-smith with superlative reputation.
  5. Ask for guarantee and warranty.

How to avoid locking yourself out of your car

Of course, no driver is invulnerable to wrong judgment. But there are specific steps you can take to diminish the probabilities of locking yourself out of your car. These steps include:

  1. Use of neck chain.
  2. Making sure keys are in your pocket before 1 your car door.
  3. Always lock your vehicle door from outside.

Last word

Depending on the scene, a trained lock-smith can help you with any keys, locks and ignition burden: pull your broken key, unlock your car door or replace your stolen key by the vehicle identification number and more.

Why Pay $30,000 More For The Same Car In A Different Name?


In some of his best known words, Shakespeare said, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.” Perhaps those words were not targeted at the automobile industry, but they certainly do apply, and it would be wise to keep them in mind when next you are buying a car.

Honesty, the car market is chock-full of close-copy cars going by different brand names, and for different prices. This system is ironically known as “badge engineering.” Companies source models from their counterparts in the industry, and so they save on having to model the cars themselves. This is much different from “platform sharing” which is a system whereby different car models share a basic framework. Instead, rebadged cars are the same in all respects, aside from some small cosmetic details like the placement of headlights or the trunk shape. But even so, the prices depend on what logo is crested on the grill.

Aston Martin Cygnet vs Toyota iQ

Let’s take, for instance the Aston Martin Cygnet. In its most basic version, it is priced at over $45,000. But the model is actually designed by Toyota, completely identical, except for some internal accessories. And it sells for less than $17,000. With a price difference of about $30,000, the “classy folk” among us would still go for the outrageously three times more expensive Aston Martin – for the exact same Toyota engineering.


I really can’t understand the logic behind such extravagance. In my several years of financial writing, I have seen a lot of fakeness and foolishness, but the height of this brand name snobbery, I have not seen the likes of. The closest to this might be the “gamier” practice in the fashion industry, whereby a Chinese official asserts that the Armani labels be sewn externally on the sleeves of his suit. The only difference would be that the Cygnet owners surpass this level of vulgarity by leaps and bounds.

It was in an attempt of compliance to European standards on emissions that Aston Martin decided to market the small-engined Toyota under their brand name. This effectively explains the odd team-up, but it most certainly does not explain why car owners are willing to part with so much money just for the sake of snobbery and vanity.

Chevy Tahoe vs GMC Yukon

Another variant of the badge engineering method is one whereby one company sells the very same car under different in-house brand names. This is one phenomenon that has been happening for so many years. One notable example is the 2012 model of the SUVs released by General Motors. The 2012 Chevrolet Tahoe 4WD 1500 LS went for $43,010, while the 2012 GMC Yukon 4WD 1500 SLE, with basically the very same features and accessories, was sold at $45,090.

Although badge engineering is not so rampant, it is obvious that General Motors isn’t the only US company involved. Companies like Ford and Chrysler (now a subsidiary of Fiat) are taking part, and Japanese and Korean companies are also well-versed in this trade.

For more information on this subject for the next time you’re getting a car, you would do well to look up the list on Wikipedia. It’s nowhere close to comprehensive, but it’s an okay starting point.

With Self-Driving Cars, Location Won’t Be That Strong of a Factor For Business Anymore

Self Driving Vehicle
Self Driving Vehicle

A lot of progress is being made with self-driving cars as Uber, Apple, Alphabet and other tech companies are making breakthroughs on their self-driving cars. With self-driving cars on the way, robo-taxis will soon become a trend in the society.

Autonomous driving provides a means of commute without stress at affordable prices. Waymo, which is under Google’s parent company Alphabet is no slacker in the self-driving car industry. Waymo is now offering driverless services in Phoenix, Arizona.

With the advent of self-driving cars, the real estate market for commercial office space may witness a transformation. The most desirable commercial office real estate areas are often surrounded by talented workforce, good transport networks and better amenities.

But with autonomous driving on the way, talents may no longer need to stay in close proximity to their workplace. People can now stay in faraway places and enjoy autonomous commute to work. They will prefer to stay away to rent and buy houses at lower prices.

With self-driving cars, 11% of the distance traveled by people might become autonomous by 2030. But if more progress is made, this percentage could even increase from 11% to over 27%.

Real estate has always been about location. Location has been emphasized so much in real estate for centuries. Self-driving cars will change this. According to David Eisenberg who is the senior vice-president for digital enablement and technology at CBRE, people will be willing to stay in faraway places and enjoy their commute to work. This is because they won’t have to drive themselves anymore. Also, the advanced self-driving cars will allow them to enjoy conveniences like fast 5G internet on their way to work. They can entertain themselves as they wish without having to focus on driving cars. It’s like having your own chauffeur that can drive you anywhere you want at your convenience.

David Eisenberg also said that autonomous services will increase over time and impact the real estate market in a big way. These cars will be massively welcomed by people, and there have even been talks of expanding some federal highways. It will be a case of technology disrupting the real estate market massively in a previously unforeseen manner.

An architectural firm called Gimler has said that architects are already taking the disruption of the commercial real estate market into consideration when creating new architectural plans for houses.

Architects now design parking structures that can be converted to office space. Also, pickup and drop-off zones are now larger. Some architects are also talking about reclaiming curb space for metered parking and redeveloping land in topnotch urban spots that are currently occupied by gas stations. These gas stations will become obsolete in the future as autonomous electric cars take over.

The Google self-driving project known as Waymo is taking giant strides towards commercializing autonomous transport. During Alphabet’s quarterly call on October 25, Ruth Porat who is the CEO of Alphabet’s said that Waymo started commercialization early in Chandler, Arizona. People can now pay for rides there.

But the CEO of Waymo, John Krafcik warned that it will take a lot of time for autonomous vehicles to be rolled out everywhere. But he remained

waymo logo

very optimistic when he was speaking with governors of the United States at a conference held in July.

In 2019, General Motors aims to launch an autonomous taxi service in San Francisco. Other car manufacturers like Toyota and Ford are also making similar plans to roll out autonomous taxi services in 2020 and latter years.

But the technology is still new, and federal laws governing the use of these cars are yet to be formulated. Also, these vehicles still need to be subjected to a comprehensive list of tests before they can be deemed safe for commercial use all over the United States.

But once the issues listed above are resolved, and commercial autonomous cars start to become mainstream, regions outside major cities in the United States will witness tremendous growth in the development of office space. Cities that had poorer commercial transport systems and low proximity to talented workforce will be better developed then.

Regions that may benefit from the advent of autonomous cars will include the Bay Area of California and the Inland Empire outside Los Angeles.
David Eisenberg said that those whose office space are premium ones because they were close to commercial centers and public transit hubs will lose their premium feel. Office premium will now shift to new locations. These locations would be preferred by workers when commercial autonomous cars become a thing.

In the future, robots will take hold of a car, and 5G internet connection will ensure fast communication and better entertainment. But, how long can a human bladder withstand a long trip? We’ll see about that.

USA 11 Best Road Trips

There are lots of amazing things to do across the United Stated for anyone looking to have exciting experiences. You can explore the cliffs overlooking the Pacific while driving with your windows down. Alternatively, you can embark on a border to border journey exploring the astonishing North-South road trip routes. These are all possibilities. Let’s share some of these wonderful destinations with you so you can have an insight into the incredible moments awaiting you if you finally decided to go on the North-South road trips.

1. The Pacific Coast Route

The Pacific coast route
The Pacific coast route

A trip along the Pacific Coast Route will give you a lot of exciting moments. The journey begins from the northwest tip of the United States at Washington’s Olympic National Park, kept you within sight of the ocean all the way south to sunny San Diego. The road totaling about 1,650-mile with mostly two-lane will give a view of the temperate rainforest up to the near-desert areas.
The highlights of the Pacific Coast Route include Olympic National Park (WA), Three Capes Loop (OR), and Redwood National Park (CA).

2. The Border to Border Road Trip

The Border to Border Road Trip
The Border to Border Road Trip

Another amazing trip is the border to border route, which starts from the north and takes you across the Canadian border at Jasper National Park, and then, traverses through some of the wildest and most rugged landscape you can ever imagine. These include the mighty mountains, the glaciated valleys, the raging rivers, and the two very different deserts, among other amazing places.
The places of interest along the Border to Border Route include the Columbia Icefield (AB), Bitterroot Mountains (MT), The Extraterrestrial Highway (NV), and Joshua Forest Parkway (AZ).

3. The Road to Nowhere US-83 Road Trip

US-83 Road Trip
US-83 Road Trip

This used to be the only paved route from Canada to “Old Mexico.” The US-83 route cuts across America’s heartland and remains a must-seen tourist destination.
Things to look out for on the Road to Nowhere include the Sitting Bull Memorial (SD), Nebraska Sand Hills (NE), Monument Rocks (KS), and Paint Rock Pictographs (TX), among other wonderful places.

4. The Great River Road Trip

The Great River Road Trip
The Great River Road Trip

Often referred to as the Old Man River, Father of Waters, or Big Muddy by admirers, the mighty Mississippi River, cuts a mythic figure across the American landscape.
Some of the highlights of the Great River Road are: Main Street USA (WI), St. Louis (MO), Natchez Trace Parkway (MS), and New Orleans (LA).

5. The Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail route
The Appalachian Trail route

The Appalachian Trail route is a place to be. The trip starts from the top of New England and takes you through a bunch of natural beauties to arrive at the heart of Dixie.
Notable tourist attractions along the Appalachian Trail include the Mt. Washington (NH), The Poconos (PA), Shenandoah National Park (VA), and Great Smoky Mountains National Park (NC), among other epic places.

6. The Atlantic Coast Road Trip

The Atlantic Coast Road Trip
The Atlantic Coast Road Trip

This is a 2,000 miles road trip that starts right from the Statue of Liberty to end at the free-wheeling Key West. Tourists travel within sight view of the Atlantic Ocean.
Some of the notable things you would like to see on this route include the Statue of Liberty (NJ), Assateague Island National Seashore (MD), Savannah (GA), as well as the Cocoa Beach (FL).

7. The Great Northern US-2 Road Trip

The Great Northern US-2 Road Trip
The Great Northern US-2 Road Trip

The route was named the Great Northern to denote the memory of the pioneer railroad, which runs alongside the western half of the route. A trip via US-2 route will definitely remain in your mind for a very long time.
If you travel along the Great Northern route, the following attractions will certainly catch your attention. These are the Tumwater Canyon (WA), Glacier National Park (MT), Lake Michigan (MI), and Acadia National Park (ME).

8. The Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail
The Oregon Trail

A road trip on the Oregon Trail takes you to the glorious sea and sand of Cape Cod. It’s like going on a pilgrimage.
Some of its highlights include: Cannon Beach (OR), Fort Boise (ID), Yellowstone National Park (WY), and Mt Rushmore & Carhenge (NE).

9. The Loneliest Road

The Loneliest Road
The Loneliest Road

The Loneliest Road takes you on a 3,200-mile journey through the heart of America. The trip cut across a dozen different states including four state capitals and the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C.
Some of the attractions along the Loneliest Road include the South Lake Tahoe (CA), Moab (UT), The Million Dollar Highway (CO), and Dodge City (KS), among others.

10. The Historic Route 66 Road Trip

The Historic Route 66 Road Trip
The Historic Route 66 Road Trip

Route 66 is one of the famous destinations in the United States. It showcases a lot of American heritages, making it one of the most captivating routes for people around the world. If you go on Route 66, sure, you won’t miss the great displays of neon signs, rusty middle-of-nowhere truck stops, or kitschy Americana.
Places of interest along Route 66 include the Chicago (IL), Meramec Caverns (MO), Tucumcari (NM), Painted Desert (AZ), and Santa Monica (CA).

11. The Southern Pacific US-80 Road Trip

The Southern Pacific US-80 Road Trip
The Southern Pacific US-80 Road Trip

A trip on the Southern Pacific promises amazing experiences for you. It gives you the opportunity to experience a variety of cultural and physical landscapes far in excess of what any other cross-country route can offer. You will travel via the deserts to bayou swamps and Tex-Mex to barbecue. It’s a trip filled with amazing experiences!
Some of the highlights on the Southern Pacific route are the Desert View Tower (CA), Tombstone (AZ), Roswell (TX), and the Civil Rights Movement National Historic Trail (AL), among other places.

How To Stay Away From Road Rage & Live A Safe And Happy Life

Statistics have shown that in North America, approximately half of the drivers on the road will experience some form of road rage. This includes people who will unexpectedly lose their tempers, allowing their emotions to get out of control and those that will be victims of someone else’s anger. Our roads have become so overcrowded that it’s no wonder anyone can keep their sanity! So, during negative times, how do we deal with road rage when it pops its ugly head up?

Dealing With Road Rage:

Studies have shown that the majority of people who have become angry while on the road never expected the situation would escalate out of control. Over 85% believed they would have seen it coming and bitten their tongues before losing their tempers.

As the recipient of road rage, you might truly believe you did nothing wrong but then get swept up in the moment when someone else unloads on you. It’s only common sense that taking the high road is the better alternative by placing your ego on the back burner. If you are confronted by someone who is well out of control and is displaying signs of violence, you should get out of the situation as quickly as possible in order to protect yourself from possible physical harm.

It’s really easy to become embroiled in a confrontation when someone, who is out of control, starts insulting you or even takes a swipe at you. Unfortunately, when you push back you are putting yourself in harm’s way when stepping back from the situation is a much smarter choice. Too many people have ended up in ER or even worse, the morgue because they let their tempers take control. On the other hand, if you are the party that struck out at someone else, you could end up in a court of law and spend time in jail.

How To Steer Clear Of Angry Or Violent Drivers:

People who are dealing with something that just happened in their lives are not thinking rationally and are easily stirred to anger. They start taking their situation out on everyone else that is within arm’s reach. Road rage does not consist of 2 people that know each other, you have no idea how they will react. You don’t know if this person has just become unhinged or are always prone to anger so don’t put yourself in a bad situation.

Whether someone cuts you off or blows their horn at you, be the bigger person and apologize even if you are in the right. Maybe they blew their horn because they didn’t feel you were driving fast enough for them. So what! Simply signal “I’m sorry” or let them cut in front of you. The idea is to cool down the situation and continue on your way. Avoid eye contact and never take it personally, because quite frankly it’s not.

If a driver continues to harass you, drive to the nearest police station or look for a police car in the vicinity. Head to an area that is traversed by a lot of people in order to get others to help you out, should this person continue to come after you. Let’s face it, everyone has a cell phone so someone could call the police when this person continues to pursue you. If possible, get their license plate and report them as soon as you can.

How To Avoid Becoming Angry Yourself:

Avoid situations that could easily set you off. If you are heading to an appointment, give yourself enough time to get there. Don’t blame someone else for causing you to be late, you didn’t give yourself adequate time. Listen to your radio and keep a positive attitude when driving alone. Do Not Drink And Drive! Drivers that have been drinking have a tendency to become angry very easily and it’s against the law to drink and drive! There are many scenarios that can reduce rational behavior so know what your limits are and take steps to make sure you don’t fall into a fit of anger.

Stay away from the notion that you (and you alone) can change someone else’s bad behavior. Understand, if some guy cuts you off and almost drives you off the road, you don’t know this person nor how they will react if you push back. Maybe they just lost their job or their wife wants a divorce! It really doesn’t matter, what matters is keeping yourself safe and living to see another day. Road rage is never worth the price tag when your family and friends expect you to return home and you don’t.

In A Nutshell:

We all have to face the fact there are many dangerous people out there and are willing and able to harm others. You can’t change what’s going on in their lives, all you can do is make sure you don’t become a part of their messed up situation. When you get tempted to “fling the bird” or shout some derogatory comment, think about your newly adopted puppy who wants you to come home!

Best Road Playlist – Kevin Devine


On June 1st 2002 I had the chance to interview New York singer/songwriter Kevin Devine, who is also the frontman of the Miracle of 86 after his set at The Royal Albert.

YATD:: First off, what do you see as the message, or theme of your music?

Kevin Devine: I don’t know that there’s a singular message, I guess I just write a lot about what’s happening to me. I think there’s a lot of bullshit and “faking it” in emo music, and I don’t want to do that. I just write about whatever’s going on.

YATD: How do you feel you express yourself differently solo, compared to when playing with the Miracle of 86?

KD: The line is kind of blurred, a lot of songs went from the band to me, and vice versa. To me, the stuff I do by myself doesn’t need the drums and the loudness, and maybe it’s a little different lyrically, and more country-ish in style. The band is a little more rock and roll, and this is a little more not.

YATD: Did you find the transition from playing with the group, to playing solo difficult to make?

KD: You always play solo first, cause you play in your room that way (and in front of your friends or whoever). I started playing solo in college out of necessity, because I really wasn’t around the band as much. It’s more nerve-racking because if you fuck up, you fuck up. But I also find it a little more liberating, because you don’t have to be jumping around screaming. It’s more like how you’re playing when you’re sitting around in your house.

YATD: Your music has been compared to the work of Bright Eyes, and the early Dashboard Confessional songs. How do you feel about these comparisons?

KD: I’m a lot more excited to be compared to Bright Eyes than to Dashboard Confessional. Not because he’s big, but I’ve just never liked his music, even before he was big. I respect him because he’s worked hard forever, but on the other hand, in terms of pure songwriting, Conor Oberst is infinitely better. Chris Carraba is 28 year old man writing about 15 year old emotions. Conor Oberst and David Bazan (Pedro The Lion) are so much more complex in their writing. In terms of being compared to Bright Eyes, I like him a lot, but when he misses, he misses almost to the point of being embarrassing. But when he’s on, he’s as good as anybody is. I just get nervous when I’m compared to someone like him, because he’s so easily identifiable it’s almost like you’re ripping him off. But it’s also an honor to be compared to him.

YATD: Chris Carraba chose the moniker Dashboard Confessional to separate his songs from himself, and make them something anyone can relate to and sing along to. Are your songs outpourings of your individual feelings, or do you think that many people can relate to the lyrics as descriptions of how they may be feeling?

KD: Everyone in the world can relate to happiness, or sadness regardless of their age, whether they’re 10 or 40. Kids will relate to what they’re going to relate to. I’m not on the level of popularity as someone as Chris Carraba or Conor Oberst, but I don’t really think about that because it’s not my job to think about it. It’s up to you guys if you want to relate to it or not. Certain songs I’m surprised that people can relate to, especially some newer songs, because they have very personal lyrical content, and if people relate to them I don’t know how they do. Some songs are about specific incidents in my life, and it’s hard to get an outside perspective on them, but I think kids are going to relate to whatever. It’s more about how you present it, than anything else. It’s up to you guys.

YATD: What type of crowd do you feel your music attracts? Is this different than the makeup of Miracle of 86 fans, and if so, how?

KD: I think a lot of this is shared, but for instance my mom likes this better than the Miracle of 86. I think a person who doesn’t like standing at a rock show and having their hair blown back or whatever will be more comfortable listening to me solo. There are a lot of kids now that aren’t as excited about drum rock and roll. I think in terms of lyrical tastes, there isn’t much difference between and Elliott Smith fan and a Pavement fan.

YATD: What artists have you been listening to lately?

KD: I have a copy of the new Bright Eyes full length, and I’ve been listening to that a lot. A lot of Pedro the Lion, my friends listen to a lot of hip hop. Right now, our friend Mike has been playing us stuff like The Casket Lottery and Transistor Sound and Lighting Co.

YATD: What albums always stay in your playlist?

KD: Definitely Nirvana – Nevermind, In Utero, and basically all of Nirvana’s catalogue. Both Elliott Smith records, Guns N Roses – Appetite for Destruction, Crooked Rain by Pavement, and Pedro The Lion’s “It’s Hard To Find A Friend”.

YATD: Which show that you’ve played do you remember as being the most fun?

KD: On this tour, Kenora was probably the most fun because there was like nobody there, so I did like 15 songs including Tenacious D covers. Before that, the night before I left we (Miracle of 86) opened for The Promise Ring, and there were like 800 kids there, so it was crazy. Hanging out with them was really awesome, and having Davey (van Bohlen) telling us our band was great, while we are huge fans of them was really cool. Also, pretty much everyone was there so it was really fun. That show is going to stand out to me for a long time.

YATD: Of any band or artist, current or broken up, who would you most want to tour with?

KD: Nirvana for sure. The Beatles were the best band ever and that’s just how it is, but Nirvana is the only band in my lifetime that I couldn’t take my eyes off of. They changed the way I looked at music when I was 12. More realistically, someone like Elliott Smith or Pedro the Lion.

YATD: You’ve played four sets in the past two days. On air, at a community centre, at a coffee shop and at a bar. Which type of venue do you enjoy playing most? Which do you feel suits your music best?

KD: I think tonight (the Royal Albert) was my favorite show to play. I’ve never been a fan of coffee shop shows because people always expect it to be quiet, boring lifeless poetry and I don’t want to be any of those things. It was cool, but I love playing in bars. I also loved playing in Altona. I just think it’s all about the crowd, if the crowd is into it you could be playing in your bedroom. It’s kind of 50/50. You do what you do, but if the crowd needs to get into it too for it to be good.

YATD: What does the future hold for Kevin Devine?

KD: The band is recording a full length for release in the fall on Immigrant Sun Records. I have song coming out on a compilation in England, and I’m also probably going to record a solo full length before the year is over.

YATD: Lastly, why would one call you a protest singer?

KD: It’s from a lyric in The Smith’s song Shakespeare’s Sister, “I thought that if you had an acoustic guitar then it meant that you were a protest singer”, and I just used the lyric for a flyer for one of my first solo shows. Then when I thought about it, I realized it was true. Before Dashboard Confessional and all that, everyone associated a guy with an acoustic guitar as being a folk protest singer.